I believe in stories of restoration: to bring life & beauty to the world. I studied art, music, & marketing and have been a portrait artist for nearly two decades. Only recently have these portraits included the babies in-utero that you'll find here. I like to sew, bake, hike, travel, and rearrange furniture, and I love fresh flowers on the counter and coffee dates with friends. All this to create a “hygge" home, relationships, and art. These painted babies are an expression of where I currently am on my journey as an artist. Most paintings are a celebration, some are a remembrance or grieving journey, and some are steeped in deep gratitude. Some of the paintings are colorful and some are not. All the paintings are a sacred reminder of the life & beauty that is within us and that surrounds us. 


10 years old

learning to sew


we work hard, love hard, and try to make the world a little more like it was and could be

this is sweet


working on an ultrasound painting

a splash of color


giving new life to old furniture

restoring furniture


teaching my sweet babe

learning to paint


these two gave birth to what we now call 

rubysue portraits

my inspiration